Has God asked you to wear polka-dots?

Have you ever been asked to wear a polka-dot dress? or maybe stripes? a beret? how about wing-tip shoes or that sweater Aunt Polly made you for Christmas?

But, you say, polka-dots, stripes, berets, and wing-tip shoes aren't cool. And Aunt Polly's sweater? Nobody thinks that's a good idea.

So here's the dilemma: You can wear something you don't like to please your friend, or you can choose your own wardrobe because you, after all, are on the cutting edge of fashion. People look to you for the latest, greatest, and most hip.

The trouble is, most of your latest and greatest and most hip pieces from years past are gone and forgotten. As the fashion years changed and moved on, those shirts, hats, and shoes just didn't work any more. They were discarded and replaced by the Now look.

The fashions on last year's runway are considered passé and worthless, almost laughable. Who would wear such dated patterns, colors, and styles?

But, deep down, what we know to be true is this: no matter what the world says about current fashion and "all the rage," and no matter what we think about fashion, we look good in polka-dots and stripes. A beret looks better on us than any other hat. Wing-tip shoes will never go out of style with a sharp looking suit. And Aunt Polly's gift? Not only is it made well, with a sturdy and warm woolen yarn, it really is a great sweater. It will provide years of warmth and wear. And, to be honest, the only reason we don't like it is because of what others will think!

Except, what will Aunt Polly think? And what does the world think when they see us switch from one wardrobe, one style, one color or pattern to another year after year? What do they think about all of the past styles and fashion statements we made so emphatically and so clearly? Why would they believe that investing in a new shirt or pair of boots would really satisfy their clothing desires when we can't even wear the same thing two years in a row!

Is our Christian life so much different than this? Think about how we select what we buy and wear. Do we always choose the most current? the most trendy or "in"? Don't we often think of how we will use and enjoy each piece - not just now, but for a long time to come?

Polka dots, stripes, berets and wing-tip shoes - foundations of timeless fashion.

Aunt Polly's Christmas sweater - a gift made lovingly, just for you.

Now what about our walk with Jesus. Don't we make the same decisions about what we will look like as Christians? Don't we choose how we think and speak based on truth and love?

Prayer, fasting, giving, sharing God's word, and loving the unlovely - foundations of the Christian's faith.

Gifts of the spirit and desires of the heart - personality, talents, abilities, and passions uniquely designed and created just for you by God Himself.

What God asks us to wear - how He asks us to do life - shows the world what and Who we believe. Our outward appearance, conversation, habits, and choices tell the world as much - or more - about us as saying grace at the restaurant or sending scriptural holiday cards.

Maybe the world thinks of what we say and do as passé. Maybe we aren't hip and cool - or fleek or groovy or whatever the word of the decade is. But when we are wearing truth - when we wrap ourselves in God's words and promises - we show the world something better.

We show them a style that is timeless and never in need of flash or bling. A style worth every ounce of our investment - time, treasures, and talents.

What style are you choosing? Let us know in the comments.


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