21 Days of Prayer

Beginning 2018, we have a renewed desire to be a people of prayer. What if our motto is simply “Pray First” this year? What if in every situation, whether good or bad, we pray before we act? Too often we act first, expecting God to bail us out of bad situations. But prayer should be our initial response, not our last resort. Make connecting with God a priority this year, and join us as we kick off our 21 Days of Prayer!

Considering going deeper with us by using this informative Pray First Booklet.

Daily Prayer Focus Week 1

January 7 – Our Leaders – Nation, State, and City (1 Timothy 2:1-2)
January 8 – Our Cities – Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, North Aurora, Elgin - Chicagoland. 
January 9 – Our Pastors, church staff, small group leaders, overseers, trustees, elders (1 Thessalonians 5:12) 
January 10 – Missions – the Gospel in Israel, unreached people groups, church planting, missionaries, leadership development (Matthew 24:14)
January 11 – Outreach (Luke 4:18-19) Egg Hop, Easter, Block Party, Batavia Apartments, and serving our communities,  
January 12 – The Lost – friends, family members, salvation in gatherings, community groups, and in personal interaction. (Romans 8:15)
January 13 – Families and marriages (Proverbs 24:3-4)
January 14– My Church – Vision for 2018, building projects, outreach, growth, finances, leaders (Matthew 16:18)


Prayer is an essential part of what we do. We believe in the power of prayer and have seen God do amazing things because of it. We have many different ways for you to receive prayer.

Pre-Gathering prayer

Before our 10AM gathering every week, we meet to pray. Join us at 8:45AM at the church as we listen for God's voice and pray for our leaders, our gathering, and our community. Everyone is welcome.

AFTER gathering

We have people from our prayer team up front at the end of every gathering who would love to pray with you. It can be for something going on personally, a general prayer, physical or emotional healing, or whatever else you would like us to pray for.


We believe everyone can benefit from meeting with 2-3 people from our freedom prayer team. Freedom prayer walks you through anything that could be hindering your relationship with the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. This could be from past hurt or pain or from holding on to a belief that isn't true. In these times, we have seen God do amazing things that have a lasting impact. To schedule an appointment fill out the form below.


We believe prayer is what fuels and drives our church.
Our team meets each week to pray for every prayer request.
Please feel free to share with us your request by filling out the form below and we will make sure to intercede for you! If you have a story of what God is doing in your life or an answered prayer, we would love to hear from you as well.