Leading people from where they are
to where God wants them to be.



Ever since the early church began, Christians have tended to gather. Acts 2:42-47 is a descriptive snapshot of all the things they did when they gathered. We believe things happen when we are together that don’t happen when we are alone:

  1. To celebrate that Jesus is alive
  2. To remember and practice the Gospel
  3. To love people different from us
  4. As large groups on Sunday and in smaller groups during the week.


We desire everyone to grow in faith, understanding, and love. The life of a Christian is a constant life of growth. Though we will never arrive or achieve, we are always striving to be more like Christ. We aren’t growing to earn God’s love; we are growing because of God’s love. God’s sacrifice for us should spark a life of sacrifice towards Him and others.


To grow in our faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior

To develop an authentic a life of faith, demonstrated by our actions of love towards others.


To grow in understanding of the Bible and the importance it plays in my life.

To grow in daily spiritual practices.


To grow in our understanding of God’s love towards us.

To grow in our love towards God and constantly strive to love others unconditionally.

To grow in our ability to be the hands and feet of Jesus, seeing and meeting the needs of the people around us.



The purpose for gathering and growing is simple: to equip and empower us to take the hope of the Gospel into our world. Talk is cheap and the world has heard it all. It’s time we display the love of Christ for the world to see. Outreach is often viewed as something that is only done by missionaries in distant countries. But you are called to reach your world by finding your passion and using your abilities to reach people in your work place, neighborhood and community. Our purpose is to be ready on and in every occasion, to be Jesus to our world.