Arrows | Aim

You are invited to join us for a six-part message series, that focuses specifically on the home and how we can cultivate God-centered relationships with our family. God has given us specific instructions on how we interact with those most special to us. We will see what God's targets are for parenting, marriage, and more. Although you may have missed the mark in the past, now is the perfect time to draw your bow and aim for the bullseye.

Passion + Purpose | Church Is Not Just On Sunday

A continuation of our Passion + Purpose series. We have been seeing that our purpose is to KNOW GOD AND MAKE HIM KNOWN. In order to MAKE HIM KNOWN we have to step outside of our comfort zone. We are called to be the light in in a dark world. River City Church has a PASSION to serve outside the walls of our church which we do throughout the year; God is calling us to do more. This Sunday, we were introduced to a valuable ministry initiative that will enable us to engage and serves some of the most vulnerable.

Passion + Purpose | Passion For Grace + Truth

Our passions represent how God has wired us and how he has wired our church. As a church we have a passion: FOR GOD, FOR PEOPLE, FOR THE CITY, and FOR THE WORLD. While we have a Passion for these things we also have a call to share the TRUTH!

We won’t compromise on the TRUTH we believe—but we will never share the truth in a condemning way. Join us this Sunday as we examine how Jesus was both - GRACE & TRUTH.