Worship & Creative Arts

The Production Team is here to worship God by creating an environment through sound, images and lights that brings Him glory.
- Volunteers are expected to arrive Sundays 8:00AM on weeks they serve and are encouraged to serve once a month.
- No experience needed, training provided.

The Worship Team is here to help people grow as individuals and to encounter a great relationship with God through music
- Volunteers are expected to arrive on Wednesdays at 6:30PM and Sunday 8:00AM on weeks they serve and are encouraged to serve once a month.
- One year of musical experience needed.

For more information, contact Jessica Ruck (Jessica@therivercitychurch.org) or fill out the form below.

Welcome Team

The Welcome Team aims to serve and love as we prepare to welcome our family and visitors into our church home.

-Volunteers can serve as Greeter, Usher, Welcome Table Host or even Security. You can choose one area of ministry or can choose to rotate.
- Times are dependent on your role but most volunteers serve on Sundays 9:30AM -12:00PM, once or twice monthly. We can accommodate as much or as little as your availability allows. Training is available. 

For more information, contact Jenny Alexander (Jenny@therivercitychurch.org) or fill out the form below.

River City Kids

River City Kids exists to inspire and equip kids to follow Christ. We want to inspire them to follow Jesus today and equip them with everything they need for a life with Him.

-Volunteers are expected to arrive by 9:30AM on weeks they serve and are encouraged to serve once a month.
-No experience required for most positions, just a joyful attitude and a desire to see kids grow. Additional training provided.

For more information, contact our Next Gen Director, Jacob Hunt (Jacob@therivercitychurch.org) or 630-256-8434.

Prayer Team

The Prayer Team has a few different roles, all of which seek to protect and build up the body. We have a team up front after every service to pray with others, intercessers who meet and regularly pray for River City leadership, and the community. We also have a team who meets with others to pray for freedom and healing throughout the week.

-The Prayer Team is looking for people who have a passion for praying.
-Volunteers are expected to have completed Next Steps - Belong and be River City members in good standing.

For more information, contact Marko Zupan (markozupan@sbcglobal.net) or fill out the form below.

Maintenance Help 

River City Church needs people to assist with projects on an as needed basis. Additionally, projects come up from time to time that require a specific trade or skill.

- Volunteers are needed as projects come up.
- No experience needed for some tasks, experience in a trade for some tasks.

For more information, contact Damian McCrink at 630-256-8434 or fill out the form below.